Selectivend CB500 Drink


Buy Selectivend CB500 10-Selection Energy Drinks Vending Machine for Sale Online with Credit Card Reader and Apple Pay for Sale at affordable price for your business.

  • Drink vending machine with powder-coated finish for sleek, clean appearance
  • Additional kit to allow vending of smaller energy drink cans available for separate purchase
  • Equipped with bright “live” product display and credit card reader
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Keep your break room, school, office, waiting room or store nice and hydrated with the Selectivend® CB500 Gatorade 10 Selection Drink Machine. While this drink machine is made to hold Gatorade, it can be filled with almost any drink of your choice. It features the latest in vending machine technology and is fully customizable to be able to fit whatever needs you have.

What Drinks Can The Gatorade Vending Machine Sell?

As mentioned, this Gatorade vending machine can sell much more than just Gatorade. It is fully capable of vending 24 oz. bottles, 16.9 oz. bottles and 12 oz. cans. If you would like to sell small energy drink cans, an additional kit is available for purchase that can make the existing tray able to accommodate them. This is a high-capacity vending machine with double the depth. This is great for operators who want to be able to keep their drink machine stocked with fewer refill trips.

How Does This Drink Machine Handle Pricing?

Each item you put in the vending machine is able to be individually priced. The bill input accepts $1 bills and $5 bills but each item can be priced from $0-$99.95. The price of each item in the drink machine is listed digitally under the item itself. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility in what you sell and what you’d like to charge.

What If the Drink Doesn’t Vend?

This drink machine is equipped with a special delivery sensor mechanism. In the event that someone pays for a drink but it doesn’t come out, the Gatorade vending machine automatically senses that and issues a refund.


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