Selectivend SV3000

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Buy Selectivend SV3000 23-Selection Snack Vending Machine for Sale Online with Credit Card Reader and Apple Pay for Sale at affordable price for your business.

  • Additional option of SV3000 card reader available separately
  • Snack vending machine made and assembled in the USA
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Selectivend SV3000 Vending Machine is a top-of-the line indoor snack vending machine featuring a glass front and live-display with bright LED lighting. Load up your snack machine with up to 23 different items, including seven types of chips, 12 smaller snack or candy options and four pastry options. With pull-out tilting trays, loading your customers’ favorite snacks is convenient. Select lower calorie and highly nutritious options to turn the SV3000 into a healthy vending machine for your customers!

Why Choose Vending As An Investment?

More than likely, you have searched for a vending machine somewhere just to grab a quick snack. Convenient for customers and a boon to businesses, vending is one of the most well-established industries in America. Investing in a soda vending machine business is easy with numerous opportunities.

When you choose to become a vendor, you become your own boss. You choose what to put in your snack vending machine and what to charge for those items. You gain the opportunity for flexible growth with minimal overhead. Just by stocking your soda vending machine consistently, you bring in revenue year-round. Vending machines are also relatively low maintenance with the ability to remain stocked for days and low likeliness of breaking down. Plus, with Selectivend, you can register machines for warranty.

Why Choose To Vend With Selectivend?

Selectivend has high-value and high-quality snack vending machines for sale that offer a wide selection of opportunity for types of products to be dispensed. Their machines include several features designed to ensure customer satisfaction and profit gain for owners. Inside soda vending machines, you can expect energy-efficient LED lighting and a large, solid glass front, putting products on clear display. These vending machines are made from an all-steel construction, including steel doors, and feature welded seams to provide enhanced durability. Plus, with Selectivend’s iVend technology, customers are guaranteed a dispensed product, reducing the need for personnel attention and maintenance if a glitch occurs. Selectivend snack machines also feature industry standards like DEX recording and display of vend and cash counts, easy-touch keypads, Braille identification keypads and point-of-sale windows to highlight your promotions or customer information. Selectivend SV3000 Vending Machine is just one of the best vending machines available from a leader in the industry.

Load, Price And Vend – A Simple Way To Build Business

Selectivend SV3000 Vending Machine begins a business by investing in a single machine that plugs into one 110 VAC grounded outlet and can be loaded with your favorite snack products. Set your vending machine prices and be sure your profit is counted accurately with programmable individual item pricing and reliance on a premium electronic coin changer and bill accepter. Save a little more money with automatic, programmable shutdown modes at specific times.


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