Selectivend WS5000


Buy Selectivend WS5000 40-Selection Snack Vending Machine for Sale Online with Credit Card Reader and Apple Pay for Sale at affordable price for your business. Offering simple installation and easy maintenance, this plug-and-play vending machine can display up to 40 snack selections, with room for 630 total products.

  • Vending machine with premium coin changer and bill acceptor
  • Equipped with bright “live” product display and credit card reader
  • Compatible with MDB
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Selectivend WS5000 40 Selection Snack Machine. Purchase now and get free shipping and available 100% financing. This limited time offer allows you to get $1,542.00 back when you purchase your snack vending machine at Sam’s Club®, stock it with Sam’s Club products and mail in your receipts. This is a dollar-for-dollar rebate on qualifying items. You can fit 630 products and feature up to 40 different choices of snacks in this simple plug-and-play machine.

Is it Difficult to Set up the Selectivend WS5000 40 Selection Snack Machine?

It is very easy to set up the Selectivend WS5000 40 Selection Snack Machine. Simply plug it in, stock the machine, set the prices and make money. Customers will be drawn to the vending machine with the bright “live” product display. The snack vending machine is equipped with a bill acceptor. If your patrons need change they can get it right at the machine with the built-in coin changer.

What are some of the Features of the Selectivend WS5000 Vending Machine?

You can set the prices electronically up to $655.35 and the machine accepts $1 and $5 bills. You can purchase an optional credit/debit card payment reader (purchased separately) for your machine. The unit is equipped with iVend™ product delivery sensors that ensure delivery of the purchased product or a refund. Reconciliations are easy with standard DEX recording and display of vending and cash counts.

Does it Cost a Lot to Run the WS5000 Vending Machine?

The snack machine uses very little energy; in fact, it uses approximately .62 kwh/day. The unit comes with free lifetime support and requires only one 110 VAC grounded outlet for installation. This unit ships only to the contiguous 48 states. This quality product is manufactured in the United States of America and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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