Snacks, Beverages of Low Calories

Vending machines usually carry snacks and beverages of low nutritional value, but high in calories, fats, salt and sugar [12], whereas healthy options are hardly offered or totally absent [34]. Considering that such options are available in social and health care institutions, unhealthy dietary choices are available to medical and hospital personnel working long hours, patients, residents and visitors. This is contrary to the World Health Organization (WHO) vision of hospitals that should contribute to building a stronger health system and a healthy community [5]. As hospitals matter to people [5], should they not be a model of offering healthy dietary choices in their vending machines? If alcohol and tobacco products are not sold in health care institutions, why do they offer unhealthy dietary choices?

Beverages with added free sugars represent a major share of the available beverages in vending machines [67]. Several systematic reviews and meta-analyses of cohort studies and randomized clinical studies demonstrated that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) increases not only the risk for weight gain and obesity, but also the risk for tooth decay (caries), type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, impaired nutrition and several other adverse health effects [8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15]. Especially worrisome are obesity and type 2 diabetes, as they emerged as epidemics of modern societies [1617]. On the global level, WHO tackles this problem in the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in the WHO European Region 2016–2025 [18], whereas on the local level, Slovenia’s National Assembly adopted the “National Program on Nutrition and Health Enhancing Physical Activity 2015–2025” which is coordinated by the Ministry of Health. One of its ten priority areas is the role of health care for maintaining health and for preventing chronic diseases and obesity. Proper nutrition, physical activity and healthy diet choices provided to patients, staff and visitors in health and social care institutions are emphasized as a prerequisite for successful treatment [19].


Unveiling Freshness: Packaging for Fruity Beverages in Vending

Packaging for Fruity Beverages in Vending: In the vibrant world of vending, the packaging for fruity beverages serves as the gateway to a refreshing and flavorful experience, enticing consumers with both visual appeal and functional convenience.

Visual Delight and Temptation: Packaging for fruity beverages in vending is a symphony of visual delight. Bold, eye-catching designs featuring the vibrant hues of assorted fruits immediately draw attention. These tempting visuals create an instant connection with consumers, making the beverage stand out amidst the vending machine lineup.

Transparency Sells Trust: Clear packaging is a cornerstone in the realm of fruity beverages. Consumers desire transparency – the ability to see the tantalizing liquid within the container. Transparent packaging fosters trust, allowing customers to visually confirm the freshness and quality of the fruity beverage before making a selection.

Eco-Friendly Statements: The modern consumer is increasingly eco-conscious, and packaging for fruity beverages in vending responds to this trend. Embracing eco-friendly materials and designs not only aligns with sustainability goals but also resonates with environmentally conscious customers. Biodegradable packaging options contribute to a positive brand image.

Functional Form and Accessibility: Beyond aesthetics, packaging must embody functionality. Easy-to-use designs, spill-resistant caps, and ergonomic shapes cater to the on-the-go nature of vending machine interactions. Consumers appreciate packaging that enhances their convenience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with every fruity sip.

Informative Labels, Informed Choices: Informative labels are an integral part of packaging for fruity beverages. Clear nutritional information, ingredient lists, and any additional product benefits empower consumers to make informed choices. Transparent communication through labels adds a layer of trust and transparency to the fruity beverage vending experience.

Temperature-Resilient Design: Fruity beverages often offer a refreshing escape from the heat, and packaging must endure varying temperatures. Opting for temperature-resilient materials ensures that the packaging maintains its structural integrity, preserving the beverage’s visual allure even in chilled vending machines.

Novel Shapes, Captivating Sizes: In the competitive vending landscape, innovative packaging shapes and sizes capture attention. Unconventional bottle designs or uniquely shaped cans create a sense of novelty, enticing consumers to explore what sets the fruity beverage apart. Packaging becomes a silent herald, signaling a deliciously distinct experience.

In conclusion, packaging for fruity beverages in vending is a strategic blend of art and functionality. From visually enticing designs and transparent containers to eco-friendly statements and user-friendly shapes, each aspect contributes to a holistic vending experience that not only quenches thirst but also elevates the visual journey of choosing a fruity delight.

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