Seaga Compact Combo 2

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Buy Seaga Snack and Drinks, Beverage Compact Combo Vending Machine for Sale Online with Credit Card Reader and Apple Pay for Sale at affordable price for your business.

  • Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine (Choose Your Color)
  • 16 Ambient Snack Selections and 7 Refrigerated Beverage Selections
  • Coin Changer and Bill Acceptor included
  • Brilliant eco-friendly LED lighting standard
  • White Glove delivery included
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Stock up your office break room or waiting room with the Seaga® Compact Combination Vending Machine (Choose Your Color). This snack and soda vending machine has two separate compartments, one to hold cold beverages and another to hold snacks. When you order this vending machine you also get included white glove delivery service that will place and set up your brand new vending machine.

How Many Items Fit Into This Vending Machine?

The Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine has two separate compartments that each serve a different function. On top is a typical vending machine display case that can hold up to 8 different chip and snack options and 8 different candy bar options. On the bottom is a separate refrigerated compartment for sodas and other bottled drinks. You can fit up to eight different beverages in the cold section, from large water bottles all the way to soda cans.

What Electronics Does The Seaga Combo Vending Machine Use?

The Seaga vending machine uses an eco-friendly LED lighting display. The LED display uses less energy and runs cooler than a traditional display. This bright and friendly display makes it easy to use the vending machine even in dimly lit areas like movie theaters. The display can be changed between English or Spanish and has two different operating modes and brightness options. The coin changer and bill receiver utilize the latest technology and give out change quickly and efficiently.

Smart Features For Smarter Vending Machines.

There are a number of innovations in vending machine technology built into this vending machine. Using a companion app, users can set a number of features, For example, you can offer promotions such as discounted or even free vending for a limited time or during certain times of the day. You can also lock down the vending machine to prevent it from operating, a feature that is meant to prevent people from using it during meetings or to encourage school nutrition. You can also use the Sega vending machine’s multi-vend feature to set a maximum sale limit.


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