Seaga Compact Combo


Buy Seaga Snack, Drinks, Beverage Compact Combo Vending Machine for Sale Online with Credit Card Reader and Apple Pay for Sale at affordable price for your business.

  • 16 ambient snack selections and 6 refrigerated beverage selections
  • Coin changer, bill acceptor and credit card swipe machine
  • Cloud-based telemetry included with CC reader: sales reports, restock report, information at your fingertips
  • Seaga vending machine provides 8 chip selections, 8 candy selections, 6 beverage selections
  • White Glove delivery included
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Stock your break room, convenience store, movie theater, gym or other commercial establishment with snacks using the Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine with Credit Card Reader. This machine has a small footprint but includes all the features that you would find in a premium piece of equipment. The top two trays on the Seaga vending machine are designed to carry wide packs of snacks, such as pastries and chips, while a third tray can hold small packaged candy. The bottom section can even dispense cold beverages. This credit card vending machine comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best coordinates with your establishment.

What is the Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine with Credit Card Reader?

Provide your customers with compact and affordable packs of their favorite snacks with the Seaga vending machine. This credit card swipe machine offers maximum selections in a compact space and has six storage containers for refrigerated beverages. You can store three bottles and three cans in it. The vending machine has a card reader that allows several programming options where customers can make a selection and enjoy ease of use with a convenient snack. The machine can fit into small and mid-sized locations. It features eco-friendly LED lighting that creates an attractive product display for customers to see even when they’re across the room. The credit card swipe machine has a two-piece design, which makes it easy to move the unit.

What are the Features of the Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine with Credit Card Reader?

This vending machine with card reader features premium programming that allows you to schedule discounts, time lockouts and space between sale periods. The vending machine card reader comes in a two-piece design so that you can relocate it with ease if you need to move the equipment to different areas. The LED lighting is of an eco-friendly standard and illuminates the products inside for easy visibility and an attractive design. This Seaga vending machine offers the potential for vending cans and bottles of refrigerated beverages with the factory setting allowing for 3 cans and 3 bottles to be processed by the vendor. The machine is pre-configured to vend the snacks and drinks that are popularly available in the market. The shelves have a pull-and-tilt mechanism for easy loading and the machine is preloaded with Spanish, English and French language options. It also gives a complete report of coins and cash on hand, sales and number of items sold.

Specific Mandates for Operating the Seaga Compact Combination Vending Machine with Credit Card Reader

This Seaga vending machine is operational on the Verizon Cellular Network and must have the necessary signal for card transactions. A transaction charge of 3-6% is levied on sales made through credit cards. The machine is intended for indoor use in a climate-controlled environment.


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